Oh No, It's Love

by The Bicycles

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released April 11, 2008

Fuzzy Logic Recordings FLR 007

The Bicycles:
Matt Beckett
Drew Smith
Dana Snell
Andrew Scott

Produced by Jose Miguel Contreras.
Recorded in 2007-2008 by Jose and The Bicycles in Toronto, ON at Banff Road Records, Headwound, Milkshake Music, and 1059 Bathurst.
Mixed by Jose Miguel Contreras at Headwound.
Mastered by Eric Kofler at Planet Digital.

Click song titles for writing and musician credits.

Photography by Lee Towndrow.

A big Thank You to our family, friends, friend-bands, lovers past and present. Thanks to all the wonderful musicians who contributed to the album, the Bicycles Ringers (Peter Chapman, Andy Lloyd, Eddie Orso and Dan Werb), Inessa, Jared Sales, Niall, the Just Friends crew, Randy, Zunior, everyone at CBC, Lily Frost and most of all thank you Maria!



all rights reserved


Track Name: Won't She Be Surprised
A magazine and a pack of nicotine gum
A thousand bucks and a suitcase from my mum
Five clean shirts and a picture of my son, I won't be long
I'm not sure exactly where I'll stay
So I packed a sleeping bag just in case

I've gone on and on with the same old song and dance
Meanwhile my Bonnie's moved on all the way to France
If this is really what I want all along
I must be strong and take a chance
It'll cost a lot but I'm not afraid
I sold two guitars to help pay my way

Won't she be surprised, won't she be surprised
Let's make our date this Christmas in Paris
Won't she be surprised when the clock strikes midnight
And I've traveled a million miles only for a new year's kiss

I'm twenty-nine and I know what I must do
It's time for a little romantic rendez-vous
Can I manage all this baggage?
Will I finally make my big move?
Together we both learned what love means
And she taught me what I can be
Track Name: One Twist Too Much
One twist too much
And the coil forgets what it's learned
And hearts like ours won't admit
When they've been burned
A shortcut to a steady slide
Couldn't handle it yourself
So you took me along for the ride

The bridge was rotted through
But we promised to meet at the centre
All the ropes get pulled
And demand a quiet surrender
A shortcut to a steady slide
Couldn't handle it yourself
So you took me along for the ride

We cry out from lonely tombs
Wrap neon signs around these wounds
That say you still can't make it alone
Track Name: I'll Wait For You
An hour to kill in a sleepy little town
Nothing much to do but walk around
But I don't mind that there's nothing to do
Because I know soon I'll be seeing you

The cloudy sky that's just about to rain
I'll never see a sky that sweet again
And the streets they look so pretty
And the houses look so sweet
Because this is where you and I will meet

I'll wait for you
I'm happy to and I'll look up and down
This nowhere town

The sun's gone down and now it's getting late
But I don't mind, I'm content to wait
And dream of getting married
In the church up on the hill
When you get here I'll ask you if you will

I'll wait for you
I'm happy to and I'll look up and down
This nowhere town
And everywhere
I'll see you there
Track Name: Once Was Not Enough
If I put my hands before my head again
Know my heart is still behind both of them
So when I betrayed myself I betrayed a friend
Well, I'm sorry for what I did, not for who I am

But I still see you everywhere
Even though you are not there
Even though I'm hardly here myself
Said I still see you everywhere

I sometimes wish I didn't care
'Bout little things like who, what, why,
When, how, and where
So if I jump the gun after doing laps so long
Well, I'm sorry for what I did, not for who I am

Just once was not enough for the touch
Of your hand in mine
And once was not enough for the touch
Of your body baby, please be with me
Just once was not enough for the touch
Of fingertips on lips that linger and long for a kiss
That signals me to know
Once was not enough
For who I am
Yeah once was not enough
To see you everywhere
Once was not enough for your touch
Track Name: What a Fool
Who you thinking of
When we're making love
I know it's him
What a fool I've been to believe you

On this bed you lay
But you're so far away
You're keeping company
With your memories

I won't be witness to
I won't play substitute
I've got much better things to do
Track Name: Roland
Up and up I've found my love
Lying over the sea
Between the wine, the height, the sunshine
This time I'm finally free

I'm Roland, Roland
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm Roland, Roland, Roland

Suitcase of diamonds, my assignment's an island
I'll spend a lifetime away
Will she sing my name as I step off the plane?
Will she still feel the same?

Now that I'm Roland, Roland
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm Roland, Roland
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Track Name: Green Light
Do you remember how I started out?
Brokenhearted, down in the mouth
Sleeping on an empty apartment floor
My girlfriend moved out the week before

Do you remember how we began?
In your bed and you're my friend
And I asked if it would be alright
And you gave me the green light

And the birds would sing
And the sun would shine
Outside your window
And I can see the breeze
The green leaves of the trees
Oh so long ago

But they say all good things must come to an end
So I'm back down on the floor again
Pining for another long-lost ghost
Another old ghost on the coast
Track Name: Walk Away (From a Good Thing)
Don't walk away from a good thing
Is what we're told from the beginning
Done it before and I'll do it again
Don't expect that you would understand

I've got a feeling like you feel right on
I've got the feeling like that feeling is my fault
And I'm not responsible
Enough to be the one left in control

Don't walk away from the pain
That you feel locked up inside
Can't be the one who's afraid
That they might get left behind
But it keeps me hanging on
Just to see you hanging on

Don't mean to sound like such a love-me-not
But there are still so many question marks
My love, my life, my cannonball pride
My heart, my art, my inside

I know you want me, mmmmm
You know I want me too
Now where's that leave you?
You deserve better, yeah I know it's true

Don't walk away when I'm talkin' to you
I'll give you something to cry about
Track Name: Oh No, It's Love
You can see that I'm so scared of starting something new
Oh, what to do?
Oh no, it's love

I concede why would someone who's been hurt before
Go back for more?
Oh no, it's love

We spend a lifetime believing
That we'll all find our special one
But when I get that old familiar feeling
All I want to do is run

I can't believe just what is fakey and what is true
I never knew
Oh no, it's love

I'd try to be understanding and just accept when I'm at fault
But when I saw her dancing with her latest passing fancy
I knew I wasn't crazy after all

So you can see just why I'm terrified of something new
Oh, what to do?
Oh no, it's love
Track Name: Stop Calling Me Baby
Did you see some shooting star you wished on
Did it make you hold your pillow tight?
Could have been an airplane going down
So don't tell yourself that I'm your type

Stop calling me baby
Stop calling me every night
Stop calling me baby
It'll never be right

Said you wanna take a walk in my garden
Said you wanna see my flowers bloom
Oh darling, do you think me so green
That I'd let my tulips fall prey to you?

Stop calling me baby
Stop calling me every night
Stop calling me baby
It'll never be right

Oh, I know you're lying
When I hear you cry
You love me babe
You don't understand
I've got myself a man who loves me babe
Track Name: Sweet Petite
Money money makes a clever man a dummy
It's so strange how nobody knows
Where our money goes

Money money makes a cloudy day sunny
It's so strange how nobody knows
What money composed

I tried to walk out of a storm
I need sunlight to keep me warm
I couldn't find your loving touch
Oh when I hurt so much
Track Name: No One Can Touch You Now
You looked up, the sky was a silent blue
You let it get a hold of you
You're walking down darkened halls
Looking behind shut doors

You cried and begged from your lonely tomb
A dream of a cold dead moon
You burn up all the things you touch
'Cuz what you want, you want too much

In one of these rooms
Someone cries for you
No one can touch you now

Late at night
You're convinced of what never was
You're sure of what will never be
You're filling up the dark with ghosts
They hold you here and keep you close

They don't care where you been
They kindly let you in
No one can touch you now
Track Name: End of a Good Thing
Hey hey, it's the end of a new thing

Pack up the tent and the mosquito bite ointment
Hey hey, it's the end of a good thing
Roll up the sleeping bag, it's the last time we'll use it
Hey hey, it's the end of a good thing
Maybe we'll sleep on it and decide it all tomorrow
Some hearts are stolen
While some others only borrowed
I hope the bus back to Toronto comes real soon

Do you want a lot of sweet-talk and romance?
Hey hey, it's the end of a good thing
Or go make-out in the next tent
With your coke-head friends?
Hey hey, it's the end of a good thing
I think I'm having the worst camping trip ever
I got dumped and a nasty summer sunburn
Will I need another Ghostbuster now to get over you?

Why do you need that love so bad?
I just need someone to love
Just go to sleep and you'll be with her again
But what about when I wake up?
Dumb-dumb you know that's why
Man invented rewind, fool!
Track Name: Thanks For Calling Me Baby
Thanks for calling me baby
Thanks for calling me out
Thanks for calling me honey
Thanks for calling me on it
Thanks for calling no doubt about it
Track Name: Leave That Woman Alone
Done before it started
She needs a love that is true
Can't get what she wanted
But she'll settle for you

Leave that woman alone, she'll ruin you boy
Leave that woman alone, she'll ruin you boy

Leave her to a man who can believe
And understand all she needs
And can be there when she needs him
And not just whenever he pleases
Who can please her with more than just a Visa card
Oh my lord
Let's take it back to the start and begin again

Burn out 'fore a flame up
Anyone else would agree
Go ahead try and tame her
I'm just glad it's not me

Leave that woman alone, she'll ruin you boy
Leave that woman alone, she'll ruin you boy

Treat a man like a boy, use a heart like a toy
'Cause she's had hers destroyed too many times before
Build a wall thick and tall, stacking words big and small
Laying tricks for the bricks, how long 'til she falls?
And she'll fall
Track Name: It's a Good Thing
Don't you be so reckless
In giving all your love
To one who won't respect it
And your heart is dragged along
To a cold and heartless song

It's a good thing
Your love is a good thing
Don't let him break your good heart

Our hearts were meant to witness
A love that lifts the darkness
In time you'll come to learn
That all the sad songs that you've heard
Are still just empty words

It's a good thing
Your love is a good thing
Please don't let him break your heart
Track Name: Can I Keep Calling You Baby?
We've come so far taking our two hearts apart and starting new
Figuring out what's allowed and what's against the rules
Do you wanna tell me about the new friends you've met
Tell me have you found a new boyfriend yet, because until then

Can I keep calling you baby?
Until we're together again
Can I keep calling you, baby?
While I still can

I'm so proud to see our record cover on your resume
And I admire the work you've done at Tokion
While waiting for the plane
We'll forget the stupid shit that we said
And remember I'm still your biggest fan
Track Name: Oh Yes, It's Love
I tried so hard to run away
To put the ghost back in its grave
What's lying over the sea
It's the lion in me
Now that I know
Oh yes, it's love

Why go and play the poor victim
That's just a game you'll never win
Can't blame the distant past for all the things you've never done
You gotta face up
Yes, it's love

I never thought you'd go so far
How can I travel to where you are?
Please come back to me and I'll make you see
And then you'll know
Oh yes, it's love

Been looking back and looking down
So much of that for so long now
Things are looking up now that we've looking forward
Yup, we know
Oh yes, it's love

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